11/8~12/9:Japanese College Fair 2021 Fall (Live Webinar・Free・Pre-Registration Required)

Japanese College Fair 2021 Fall Presented by Lighthouse

Many Japanese universities welcome all students who are currently studying outside of Japan.

They offer incentives such as entrance exams taken outside of Japan, English-only enrollment, scholarships, Fall Entrance, exchange programs with top universities in the world, and transferring systems from colleges.

Each participating university has a designated program for international students
and will be providing the latest information for those who are interested in enrolling in 2022.


Date: Monday, November 8 through Thursday, December 9, 2021
Participating universities&Links to join the webinar
◇Presentations in English◇

◆Presentations in Japanese◆

Time: 5pm-8pm (Hawaii) /7pm-10pm (PST) / 10pm-1am (EST) / 12pm-3pm (JST + 1day)
Webinar: Zoom (You’ll receive the URLs for each day after signing up).
After each university’s presentation (20-30 mins), a Q&A session will follow. Please use the Q&A button for any questions.


(Approximate time for presentation)
Each university will give a 40-minutes presentation each in the order listed below.
There will be a 10 minutes break between the second and third universities.


Presentations in English
11/8 – 11/18
Presentations in Japanese
11/23 – 12/9
Nov 8th (Mon) ・Ritsumeikan University
・Kyoto University of Advanced Science
・Rikkyo University
・University of Tsukuba
Nov 23rd (Tue) ・Kyoto University of Advanced Science
・Kaishi Professional University
・Sophia University
・Aoyama Gakuin University
Nov 9th (Tue) ・Hosei University
・Chukyo University
・Ritsumeikan Asia Pacfic University (APU)
Nov 30th (Tue) ・Temple University-Japan Campus
・J.F. Oberlin University
・Kindai University
・Ritsumeikan University
Nov 16th (Tue) ・Kyushu University-School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation
・Yamanashi Gakuin University iCLA
・Kumamoto University
・Sophia University
Dec 2nd (Thu) ・Ritsumeikan Asia Pacfic University (APU)
・Iwate University
・University of Tsukuba
・Waseda University
Nov 18th (Thu) ・J.F. Oberlin University
・Temple University-Japan Campus
・Iwate University
・Waseda University
Dec 7th (Tue) ・Hosei University
・Chukyo University
・Kumamoto University
・Kyushu University-School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation
Dec 9th (Thu) ・International Christian University (ICU)
・Yamanashi Gakuin University iCLA
・Tsuda University

Participating Universities

How it works

  1. Sign up via a Pre-Registration Form below.
  2. You’ll receive the URLs for each day.
  3. Access the URLs you are interested in. Your video and audio will be OFF during the session, so please use the Q&A button for your questions.
  4. Online individual consultations are available at a later date.

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興味のある大学 / University of interest
Please select the university you're interested in its presentation.

複数選択可 / Multiple selections possible
青山学院大学 / Aoyama Gakuin Univeresity
岩手大学 / Iwate Univeresity
桜美林大学 / J. F. Oberlin University
開志専門職大学 / Kaishi Professional University
九州大学 共創学部 / Kyushu University School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation
京都先端技術大学 / Kyoto University of Advanced Science
近畿大学 / Kindai University
熊本大学 / Kumamoto University
国際基督教大学(ICU)/ International Christian University(ICU)
上智大学 / Sophia University
中京大学 / Chukyo University
筑波大学 / University of Tsukuba
津田塾大学 / Tsuda University
テンプル大学 ジャパンキャンパス / Temple University Japan Campus
法政大学 / Hosei University
立命館大学 / Ritsumeikan University
立命館アジア太平洋大学(APU) / Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University(APU)
立教大学 / Rikkyo University
山梨学院大学 国際リベラルアーツ学部 / Yamanashi Gakuin University iCLA
早稲田大学 / Waseda University

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