10/16&10/30:Japanese College & Vocational School Fair 2022 FALL (Live Webinar・Free・Pre-Registration Required)

xJapanese College & Vocational School Fair 2022 FALL Presented by Lighthouse

Many Japanese universities and vocational Schools welcome all students who are currently studying outside of Japan.

They offer incentives such as entrance exams taken outside of Japan, English-only enrollment, scholarships, Fall Entrance, exchange programs with top universities in the world, Learning Japanese practical skills, and transferring systems from colleges.

Each participating university and vocational school has a designated program for international students
and will be providing the latest information for those who are interested in enrolling in 2022-2023.
A Japanese language school will also participate for everyone who wants to improve their Japanese skills.

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Date: Sunday, October 16 and Sunday, October 30, 2022(PDT)
Webinar: Zoom (You’ll receive the URLs for each day after signing up).
After each school’s presentation, a Q&A session will follow. Please use the Q&A button for any questions.

Time Schedule

【Presentation in English】

Private University Liberal Arts|National/Public University|Private University|Private University Tech Science|Vocational School|Japanese School
Sunday, October 16
※USA/Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
(Presentation in English)
Sunday, October 30
※USA/Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
(Presentation in English)
4:30pm Yamanashi Gakuin University iCLA 3:45pm College of Foreign Languages, Tourism and Airline Japanese Language Department
5:00pm Temple University, Japan Campus 4:00pm NSG College League
・International College of Cooking & Confectionery (Food)
・International Beauty Mode College (BM)
・ Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM)
5:30pm Ritsumeikan University 4:30pm Kyoto University of Advanced Science
5:45pm Sophia University 5:00pm J. F. Oberlin University
6:00pm Hosei University 5:30pm Sophia University
6:30pm Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University(APU) 6:00pm Soka University
7:00pm Rikkyo University 6:30pm Hosei University
7:30pm International Christian University (ICU) 6:45pm Ritsumeikan University
7:45pm Kyushu University-School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation 7:00pm Tokyo International University
8:15pm Eikei University 7:30pm Rikkyo University
8:45pm Tsukuba University 8:00pm Waseda University
9:15pm Hiroshima University

【Presentation in Japanese】

Private University Liberal Arts|National/Public University|Private University|Private University Tech Science|Vocational School
Sunday, October 16
※USA/Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
(Presentation in Japanese)
Sunday, October 30
※USA/Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
(Presentation in Japanese)
4:00pm Yamanashi Gakuin University iCLA 5:00pm NSG College League
・International College of Cooking & Confectionery (Food)
・International Beauty Mode College (BM)
・ Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM)
4:30pm Temple University, Japan Campus 5:30pm Kyoto University of Advanced Science
5:00pm Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University(APU) 6:00pm Aoyama Gakuin University
5:30pm International Christian University (ICU) 6:30pm Komazawa University
6:00pm Tsuda University 7:00pm Sophia University
6:30pm Ritsumeikan University 7:30pm Ritsumeikan University
6:45pm Sophia University 7:45pm Hosei University
7:00pm Kyushu University-School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation 8:00pm Chukyo University
7:30pm Eikei University 8:30pm J. F. Oberlin University
8:00pm Hiroshima University 9:00pm Waseda University

Participating Universities and Vocational Schools, and Messages from Schools


  • Aoyama Gakuin University
  • Chukyo University
    Chukyo University is a comprehensive university with 10 faculties located in Nagoya. Sports are thriving, producing world-class athletes. The university also provides generous support such as job-hunting support, and has a very good track record of employment. This time, we are looking for people who can study English for four years and play an active role in a global environment.
    We will mainly introduce the “International Faculty GLS Major” that we are developing.
  • Eikei University
    Associate Prof. George Higginbotham

    Eikei University of Hiroshima is a new public university that opened in 2021, in one of the biggest cities in western Japan. It is a single-department university of liberal arts in alignment with the SDGs. In our small class setting, you can have the opportunity to learn actively to shape the future! We look forward to seeing you!

  • Hiroshima University
    Prof. Noboru Miyoshi
  • Hosei University
    Dr. Shiaw Jia Eyo

    GIS is an all English, liberal arts degree program. Located in central Tokyo, we offer more than 30 disciplines in humanities, social sciences and business with an average class size of 22 students. We look forward to seeing you!

    Ms. Yuka Ishida

    Hosei is a globalized university in Tokyo with a long history. Why don’t you immerse yourself in a quality education and obtain English-based Degrees at Hosei? We look forward to seeing you in the webinar!

  • iCLA at Yamanashi Gakuin University
  • International Christian University (ICU)
  • J. F. Oberlin University
    J. F. Oberlin University has 7 colleges and 5 campuses with approximately 10,000 students, 800 of whom are international students. The historical background of the university also makes it a university with many students who are tolerant of diversity and kind to others. I hope this video will spark your interest in JFOU!
  • Komazawa University
  • Kyushu University-School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation
    Hello. I’m a Professor and Vice Dean at Kyushu University, one of the big national universities in Japan. I’ll introduce a new school at our university, based on active learning across disciplines. We train future leaders, project managers, and innovators.
  • Kyoto University of Advanced Science
  • Rikkyo University
    Dr. Christopher Keaveney

    Rikkyo University has a long and venerable history, and the university will soon celebrate the 150th anniversary since its founding in 1874. Rikkyo University’s new PEACE program initiative introduces three dynamic undergraduate programs that allow students to complete their degrees entirely in English. We invite you to come join the PEACE learning community on our lovely, serene campus in Ikebukuro, which seems a world away from the bustle of central Tokyo.

  • Ritsumeikan University
  • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University(APU)
  • Soka University
    Anne Mette Fisker-Nielsen, PhD

    SU Japan combines a student-oriented pedagogy with in-depth academic expertise, training students within an international environment as global thinkers, knowledgeable, self-confident and creative leaders for a sustainable future.

  • Sophia University
    Greetings, everyone! As one of the top Japanese private universities, Sophia University takes pride in its excellence in education and diverse campus, located in central Tokyo. We look forward to telling you all about our traditional history, renowned programs, and admissions. See you soon!
  • Temple University, Japan Campus
    Study in Tokyo, Japan!
    Globally ranked in the top 350 of all universities, Temple University offers students from Japan, the U.S., and nearly 60 other countries with an opportunity to acquire an American degree at its Japan campus. For exactly four decades, TUJ has been committed to providing a superior international education in Japan, grounded in the traditions and contemporary practices of American higher education. Truly international in our mission, the Japan campus offers a multicultural environment that provides TUJ students with the tools to imagine, explore, and succeed in an ever-changing global workplace.
  • Tokyo International University
    Prof. Lamont

    Hi, I am Prof. Lamont. From Texas, I have worked in both Europe and Japan. I am thrilled to meet you all to present our exciting and rigorous E-Track programs at Tokyo International University.

  • Tsuda University
  • The University of Tsukuba
    Mr. Mahdi Katsumata, Shah

    The University of Tsukuba is a forward-oriented institution for people who think of the present while envisaging the future. We have always sought to be a university offering interdisciplinary education and research, fostering open-minded people with an international outlook. With faculties covering humanities, sciences, sports, and art, we are a university in the true sense of the original Latin meaning “the whole.” We aim to nurture tomorrow’s global leaders through a broad-ranging pursuit of academic excellence. Indeed, we seek to leverage our position in the center of Tsukuba City, Japan’s world-leading research hub, to promote harmonious coexistence among all humankind.

  • Waseda University
    At Waseda University, we place great importance on creating an environment that fosters the development of human resources, and we are committed to nurturing highly motivated students who will contribute positively to the world. Global leaders must acquire human skills, such as perceptiveness, effective communication, creative conceptualization, problem identification, problem solving, critical thinking, and cross-cultural understanding. At Waseda University students can acquire these skills. What’s more, we understand the importance of an environment that attracts diverse human resources. To that end, we currently have approximately 7,000 international students from all over the world on campus. We will provide you with information on admissions and Waseda’s English-based Degree Programs, which allow students to obtain degrees in six undergraduate departments and 15 graduate departments without any Japanese language skill requirement. We hope to see you there!

【Vocational School】

【Japaneses Language School】

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