Komazawa University

Broaden your global perspective at the Buddhist university
Komazawa University aims to cultivate students who try to introspect, learn new trends in academic studies and practice them in modern society by applying Buddhist Teachings and the Spirit of Zen to today’s education. We celebrate its 140th anniversary in 2022. Students from all the faculty learn on the same campus. We are proud of its learning environment, adjusting Tokyo Olympic Memorial Park.
We will strengthen the acceptance of returnees and overseas residents and implement a new international selection that allows students to take the entrance exam from overseas. Based on the Buddhist teaching, we will nurture “True Global Citizen”.

1-23-1 Komazawa Setagaya-ku Tokyo 154-8525(Komazawa Campus)
Tel:+81-3-3418-9048(Admission Center)

Photo Gallery

Excellent access to major stations in Tokyo
”Shugetsukan” 130th Anniversaly building
Brand new Library opened in October 2022
All students study on the same campus
Seminar with a small group
“Zazen hall” A serenity space in the campus

Application Requirements / Open Campus Information for International Students

Enrollment April
English-only Admission Unavailable
Courses in English Available
Faculties that can be completed with English-only lectures Unavailable
Courses that can be completed with English-only lectures Unavailable
Scholarships for Non-Japanese Students Unavailable
Dormitories Available
Entrance Exams for International Students General Admission(Document screening)
→See here for details
Entrance Exams for Returnees Entrance examination for returnees
→See here for details
Entrance Exams that are available overseas
Entrance examination for returnees
→See here for details

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Student Support

We have a consultation desk for the course registration, classes, and concerns about university life.

Interviews of Current Students

Faculty of Global Media Studies, second grade, Admission of Returning home student

I am currently studying English, marketing, programming, law, and many other subjects at the school of GMS at Komazawa university. That’s one of the best things about the school of GMS. As for the atmosphere of the university, I personally think it is very lively and vibrant. The cafeteria in the university is cheap and tasty, but you have to be prepared to wait in line because of the large number of people.



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