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Sophia- Bringing the World Together
Sophia University, located in central Tokyo, was founded by the Jesuits in 1913 and has been a pioneer in international education in Japan, attracting students from all over the world. In 1949 Sophia established the first English-taught program in Japan, which continues to lead the Japanese academic world in offering international programs. At the undergraduate level, the Faculty of Liberal Arts, SPSF (Journalism, Education, Sociology, Economics, Global Studies), and the Faculty of Science and Technology offer courses entirely in English, where students are encouraged to gain a broad base of knowledge in many fields, as well as advanced knowledge in their major.

School Address:
7-1, Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554Tel:+81-3-3238-3167(+81-3-3238-4018 for English)

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Central Library
Entrance and Cherry blossoms
American Football Team
Lunch Event at the Center for Language Education and Research
New Year’s Event (making Mochi)
Laboratory of the Faculty of Science and Technology

Application Requirements / Open Campus Information for International Students

Enrollment April, September
English-only Admission Available
Courses in English Available
Faculties that can be completed with English-only lectures Available
Courses that can be completed with English-only lectures Available
Scholarships for Non-Japanese Students Available
Dormitories Available
Entrance Exams for International Students Available, but except for English-taught programs*
(Japanese skills needed)
*See below
Entrance Exams for Returnees Available, but except for English-taught programs*
(Japanese skills needed)
*See below
Entrance Exams that are available overseas All English-taught programs*
(Liberal Arts, SPSF, Science and Technology)

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Support Center

English speaking staff are available in every section of academic affairs, student campus life, study abroad, career support, and counseling always welcome students from overseas at Sophia. We also hold a student organization and career pograms specifically focused on assisting international students to enhance their campus life.

Interviews of Current Students

Faculty of Liberal Arts / Freshman
Ms. Shion Conaway
Entered by Regular Admissions (document screening)

上智大学_学生I am half Japanese, but I never got to fully experience Japan because I lived in the United States my whole life. I wanted to learn more about Japanese culture and improve my Japanese language skills. At Sophia University, The Faculty of Liberal Arts provides a culturally diverse learning environment. My fellow peers are from around the world so I get to learn about new cultures and experiences other than my own. The university has a strong international program, allowing students to study abroad in a plethora of countries. During my third year, I am planning on pursuing my studies in Australia. I am excited to continue my studies at Sophia University while exploring Tokyo.

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