Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM)

Learn all you love and make your dream come true!
Learn all you can about anime, manga, illustration, games, 3DCG, and other subjects you love.
In this curriculum you will learn a wide range of skills and techniques, such as drawing, how to use drawing materials, digital skills, and character creation methods to broaden your range of expression.
Professionals from various industries serve as instructors and provide direct guidance!

Address: 5-602-1 Furumachi-dori, Cyuo-ku, Niigata-city, Niigata

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Application Requirements / Open Campus Information for International Students


Enrollment April
Course contents and duration Animator Course(2 years), Manga Creation Course(2 years)
Scholarships Not Available
Dormitories Available

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Support Program

We provide personalized guidance and support to each student to the best of our abilities! Students also learn the knowledge and business etiquette necessary to connect their love of “drawing” to their work, and aim to be active in the industry of their choice!

Interviews of Current Students

Animator Course:Hayato Miyashita

I wanted to work in the animation industry in the future so I attended several open campuses at JAM. I decided to enroll because the atmosphere s was good and suited me.
At the school, we have classes such as drawing, and animation techniques to make the movement look natural. My classmates are all friends with the same dream, so we can easily exchange a lot of information!


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