International College of Cooking & Confectionery (Food)

Study Restaurant Management and Store Sales in food-rich Niigata! Comprehensive training on how to bring smiles to people’s faces with food!
This vocational school has three specialized campuses in the center of Niigata City, where students can learn cooking, confectionery, and bread-making. International students are accepted in three departments: the two-year Chef Department, the two-year Pastry Chef Department, and the one-year Chef Department.
In the Chef Department, students learn Japanese, Western, Chinese, and group cooking. Following upon graduation, they can obtain a Japanese “Chef” license. In the Pastry Chef Department, students study confectionery and bread-making. In their second year, they take the national examination to obtain a Japanese “Confectionery Sanitation Teacher” license.
Open campus and daily classes are available only in Japanese.

Many of the international students who have enrolled so far have achieved N2 or N3 on the JLPT Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Those who have obtained N2 or higher may receive a partial tuition waiver for the first-year tuition. We also offer tuition payments in installments and apartment placement services.

6-953-1, Furumachi dori, Cyuo-ku, Niigata-city, Niigata 951-8063

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1-on-1 teaching for all levels of experience
Confectionery training rooms with industrial ovens
Hands-on sales training with real customers
Comprehensive restaurant training through service, cooking, and accounting
Main building equipped with industrial-level facilities
Japanese culture classes (ikebana and calligraphy) essential to Japanese cuisine

Application Requirements / Open Campus Information for International Students


Enrollment April
Course contents and duration Chef’s Department(2 years)、Pastry Chef Department(2 years)、Chef’s Department(1 year)
Scholarships Not Available
Dormitories Not Available

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Support Program

If you have obtained N2 or higher on the JLPT Japanese Language Proficiency Test, you will receive a partial tuition waiver for the first year.
We also offer consultation on payment of tuition in installments and apartment introductions from affiliated real estate companies.

Interviews of Current Students

Chef Department:Nguyen Thanh Long

When I came to Japan, I was attracted to Japanese cuisine and wanted to learn how to make it. It is difficult to peel daikon radish (Katsura-muki) , but now I can do it by one meter. My classmates are very kind, and Niigata is cold but quiet and beautiful. I will do my best to become a chef of Japanese cuisine.

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