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Kindai University Offers Learning for the Real World!
 Kindai University was founded in 1925 and currently has 6 campuses comprising 14 faculties with 48 departments. Our founding principles are ‘Learning for the Real World’ and ‘Nurturing Intellectual and Emotional Intelligence.’ Our educational goal is ‘To develop caring, trustworthy, and respectable people.’ We are active in various fields of research that are of benefit to the real world. Kindai University has partnerships with around 260 universities worldwide and participates in various study abroad programs. Many exchange students from partner universities can be seen on our campuses as our university becomes increasingly globalized year after year.

School Address:
3-4-1 Kowakae Higashiosaka OSAKA, 577-8502, JAPAN (Higashiosaka Campus)


Photo Gallery

Kindai University West Gate
Higashiosaka Campus
Academic Theater
Global Education Center 3rd floor
New Cafeteria
CNN Café

Application Requirements / Open Campus Information for International Students

Enrollment April
English-only Admission Unavailable
Courses in English Available
Faculties that can be completed with English-only lectures Unavailable
Courses that can be completed with English-only lectures Unavailable
Scholarships for Non-Japanese Students Available
Dormitories Unavailable
Entrance Exams for International Students Entrance examination for foreign students
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Entrance Exams for Returnees Entrance examination for returnees
(Law, Economics, Business Administration)
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Entrance Exams that are available overseas Entrance examination for overseas foreign students

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Support Center

International students can be members of the Ryugakuseigakuyukai (Foreign Exchange Student Friendship Association) and participate in the local Higashiosaka Festival every year. The International Lounge and The Village E3【E-cube】are excellent examples of on-campus facilities that exchange students can utilize and enjoy daily.

Interviews of Current Students

Faculty of Pharmacy / 5th Year
Ms. Choe Hyerim
Entered by Entrance examination for foreign students

近畿大学_学生I have really enjoyed studying at Kindai University. My favorite place is the ‘Academic Theater’ where I read many interesting books and magazines in a bright and spacious environment. The Village E3【E-cube】is a unique place to learn and brush up my English skills, and at the CNN Café, we can watch the news in English all day.



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