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English, Chinese, and Tourism, the Triad Synergy to Enhance Learning
 The Department of English cultivates people who stand at the forefront of business and education with their language skills and an extensive cultural understanding. The Department of Chinese Communication nurtures human resources needed in Asia, where Japan has deep cultural and historical connections. The Department of Hospitality and Tourism fosters human resources in the tourism industry by honing practical skills in hospitality and cross-cultural exchange. The new, lively campus in the hot city of Kichijoji will support the growth of our students.

School Address:
Shimorenjaku 5-4-1, Mitaka-city, Tokyo 181-8612

Tel:81-422-47-0077(Admission Center)

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Inokashira Campus
Seminar Scene
Students at a Simultaneous Translation class
Fieldwork in Thailand
Internship at a Hotel
English & Chinese Salons

Application Requirements / Open Campus Information for International Students

Enrollment April・September
English-only Admission Unavailable
Courses in English Unavailable
Faculties that can be completed with English-only lectures Unavailable
Courses that can be completed with English-only lectures Unavailable
Scholarships for Non-Japanese Students Available
Dormitories Available
Entrance Exams for International Students International Students Admission
Entrance Exams for Returnees Returnee Admission
Entrance Exams that are available overseas Unavailable

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Support Center

Students have easy access to academic advice by professionals. There are Japanese language classes for different levels of students. Several times a year, we also hold field trips to learn about Japanese culture and exchange meetings with Japanese students.

Interviews of Current Students

Department of Hospitality and Tourism, Faculty of Foreign Studies / Senior
Ms. Yukina KOJO
Entered by Recommendation by a designated school

杏林大学_学生The reason why I was interested in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism was because I was attracted by the fact that I could learn English, Chinese and Japanese from my first year. My current goals are to improve my language skills and get a job in the tourism industry. I am interested in the hotel industry and am looking forward to participating in the internship.


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