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Come join us at the international campus!
J. F. Oberlin University focuses on foreign language education and international exchange to develop international citizens in a Christian environment. More than 750 students visit each year to 178 affiliated overseas schools and institutions across 34 countries and regions! The high amount of international students on campus is a good way to develop language skills and become more internationally minded.

School Address:
3758 Tokiwacho, Machida-shi, Tokyo194-0294 (Machida campus)
2-16-1 Fuchinobe, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa 252-0206 (Planet Fuchinobe Campus)
4-16-1 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073 (Shinjuku campus)
2-31-1 Ochiai, Tama City, Tokyo 206-0033 (Tama Academy Hills)
2600-4 Honmachida, Machida City, Tokyo 194-0032 (Tokyo Hinatayama Campus)Tel:+81-42-797-1583(Information Center)

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Machida Campus
Shinjyuku Campus
Tokyohinatayama Campus
International dormitory
International camp at Lake Yamanaka

Application Requirements / Open Campus Information for International Students

Enrollment April・September
English-only Admission Available
Courses in English Available
Faculties that can be completed with English-only lectures Unavailable
Courses that can be completed with English-only lectures Unavailable
Scholarships for Non-Japanese Students Unavailable
Dormitories Available
Entrance Exams for International Students Special selection international enrollment
Entrance Exams for Returnees Recommended for return enrollment
Entrance Exams that are available overseas Selection of International Students for Admission

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Support Center

The Buddy Program:
Here at J. F. Oberlin University we have a program in place to support international students coming to Japan called The Buddy Program. This program was made to help students to adapt to life in Japan and help build friendships. We also have other events for students called “Hello!excursions” and “International camp”. These events will help students develop friendships and teams in Japan while enjoying games and other activities!

Interviews of Current Students

College of Performing and Visual Arts (Music Program) / Senior
Ms. Yamakawa Hena Mikaella
Entered by Recommended for return enrollment

桜美林大学_学生I lived in the United States because my father was transferred to an office in the United States and was looking at applying to a Japanese university. My mother recommended J. F. Oberlin University where I can learn English and music. When I attended the open campus I was able to talk to the Professors and students and I was drawn to the warm atmosphere of the school! In the College of Performing and Visual Arts, you can try many instruments and the professors are very close which is nice.

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